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Blending ancient wisdom with modern healthcare

Our goal is to find herbs that are an energetic match for the individual and re-establish balance and a state of wholeness of being.  

Our Philosophy

As a licensed naturopathic doctor and a medical herbalist, we understand the importance of supporting the physical body and identifying imbalances on both physiological and energetic levels.  


Ancient Origins Medicinals adheres to a holistic healing framework based on the understanding that we are all unique individuals, whom have different constitutions and energetic frameworks. Energetics is the Universal language between plants and people. The constitution is a pattern language, connecting the various parts of the individual into an integrated whole.  By seeing the energetic patterns behind physiology, psychology, and spirit, we have a way of working with the plants at the natural level behind symptoms and etiology.

Land Acknowledgement :

We respectfully acknowledge that we are visitors to these lands and that we live and work on the ​traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Quw'utsun First Nation.

Herbal Apothecary

Due to staffing shortages we are unable to serve walk-in customers without an appointment.
(in effect March 1st)

To bridge this gap we are offering free 15-min herbal consults for anyone in need of urgent support 

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What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is the practice of the medicinal, therapeutic and spiritual use of plants for healing. Since ancient times herbal medicine has been used throughout the world to treat dis-ease and bring the body back into a state of wholeness of being. 

The majority of the medicine in our apothecary is homegrown or wild crafted. All herbs are organic, and grown and harvested with love and respect. We believe in a biodynamic approach – sowing and harvesting in accordance with the moon and celestial bodies.  

AncientOrigins-35 (1).jpg

Our Services


Explore health challenges through the lens of holistic herbal therapy. Each individualized care plan includes nutritional, lifestyle and spiritual coaching, as well custom-crafted herbal remedies, specifically formulated to strengthen your constitution and bring your body back into equilibrium.

Each session begins with a consultation to track core issues, and reoccurring life patterns. Within a sacred container, the identified energy, entity or pattern will be explored, supported and then transformed using a combination of energy healing techniques and sacred tools.

These sessions assist you to connect with your intuition, true self essence and deepen your spiritual practice with discernment and clarity.  

- Plant Spirit Medicine


-Ancestral Healing

-Dream Work

-Plant spirit song

-Goddess work

If you are new to microdosing, have a complex health history, or are currently taking pharmaceuticals, we can help you determine what formula is a good fit for you, discuss dosage and scheduling, and recommend custom tools and mindfulness practices to support your individual needs. 

Working with Megan for the past 2 years has been LIFE CHANGING!  She is an extremely gifted healer and teacher - beautifully bridging intellect, compassion and spirit into her work. Working with Megan has provided me with tools to apply to everyday life, and given me confidence to show up as my true self. 

- Leslie Gunning

Megan is an incredibly skilled and intuitive herbalist and healer. She immaculately bridges the worlds of plant spirit medicine with medical herbalism. She has assisted me greatly in healing from broken ribs to supporting me in times of emotional and spiritual crises. She is a true medicine woman and I trust her gifts, training and intuitive capacity!

- Aaron Roberts

Megans “Plant Spirit Apprenticeship” opened my eyes to a greater world of plants than I ever imagined.  It has sparked an awakening and inner knowing that was previously forgotten. Her wise teachings have helped remind me that I already have this knowledge deep inside, and that I can tap into it by following my heart and intuition.  What a gift!

- Jenesa Tomich Coleman

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