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Meet the Ancient Origins Team

About Megan

Megan is a third-generation settler living, working and playing on the Traditional and Unceded territory of the Quw’utsun’ people. Her blood and bones hold Norse and Celtic ancestry, and her spirit is from the Stars. Megan is a Registered Medical Herbalist, intuitive healer and educator with a passion for plant medicine, ceremony, dream work and the stars. She has a strong connection with the astrophysical realm, channeling both Earth and Celestial energy into her practice.  She combines her medical, botanical and spiritual knowledge with heart and womb centered intuition and Earth-based healing practices.  


Megan obtained a bachelor of science in biopsychology from the University of Victoria, a Medical Herbalist Diploma (3 years schooling) from Pacific Rim College, has taken masters level counselling courses, studied somatic experiencing with Peter Levine, PhD, studied Ancestral Lineage Healing with Daniel Foor and completed an Alchemical Herbalism program that integrates the practices of alchemy, spagyrics, medical astrology, traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda and indigenous traditions.  


Megan worked in the field of Mental Health and Addictions for 11 years. Much of her strength as a confident trauma informed practitioner has come from her professional experience working as Psychiatric Case Manager where trauma informed practice, crisis intervention, and risk assessments are foundational. Although her formal education and career has provided a solid foundation for her practice, her most valuable education stems from studying with Earth based healers from around the globe, where she witnessed the deep relationship between plants and people, experienced the healing power of nature and learnt directly from the plants and spirits.


Since Megan was a child she has been in connection with spirit, the star beings and nature. At the age of 21 she began a three-year Core Shamanism program of advanced initiations in shamanic healing through the Michael Harner Institute. Shortly thereafter, she had the great honor to study with Haida Medicine Man Nungkaathgaa (Douglas Wilson) and continued working with him until his recent passing in 2020. This training involved intensive initiation work through Rites of Passage, ceremony, energy healing, journey work and depossession training. Megan is deeply grateful and humbled for the opportunity to study under such a brilliant mentor. In 2011-2012 Megan studied Metaphysics and Dream work with Chaty Secaira. Soon thereafter, she mentored under Celtic Witch and Herbalist Sean Padraig O’Donoghue where she learned the magical uses of herbal / fungal medicines, somatic herbalism, intuitive diagnostics, ceremony and ritual. In between studies and apprenticeships Megan has travelled to South America, Africa, Mexico, Central America and Europe to study plant medicine ceremony and work in traditional ways. Since 2019 Megan has been and is currently mentoring under Norse / Coast Salish Shamanic practitioner Betsy Bergstrom where she is deepening her skill set in Compassionate depossession, curse unwinding, Seidr, Norse energy healing and other shamanic healing modalities. She is currently taking a 1.5 year apprenticeship program with Norse Shaman Johannes B. Gårdbäck, with the intention of deepening her connection with her Norse Ancestry and healing practices, and studying the ancient European practices of Bee Shamanism. 


Megan’s passion is supporting individuals to connect with their soul purpose, true self essence and help others remember how to live in connection and harmony with the Earth. Megan's intention is to integrate modern medicine and traditional herbal psychospiritual practices to assist individuals on their healing journey towards health and wholeness of being. 

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About Jenna

Jenna is a naturopathic doctor with a passion for herbal medicine and connecting with nature to stimulate the body’s unique healing capabilities.  She has a keen interest in the areas of mental health and endocrinology, with a life calling in empowering individuals to become their best self.  One of Jenna’s goals as a naturopathic physician is in helping individuals tap into their intuitive perception, so informed decisions and healthy questioning can be made.  Medicine is both a science and art; an individualized approach to healing is necessary in order to create positive change within.  Jenna’s love for plant medicine is rooted in the concept that nature holds an inherent healing capability, and when we are immersed in a symbiotic relationship, a balanced mind-body-spirit can be nourished. 
Jenna’s quest for knowledge and insatiable thirst to understand why things were the way they were, led her to naturopathic medicine.  Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree (with distinction) in biopsychology from the University of Victoria and post-graduate naturopathic medical training from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM) in New Westminster.  At the end of her journey at Boucher she was blessed to receive the prestigious awards of Academic Excellence and Clinical Excellence, as well as representing her class as valedictorian. 

For more information about Jenna, naturopathic medicine, services and booking, please visit her website

About Alina

Medical Herbalist (RHT), Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac)

I am grateful and humbled to be a guest on the traditional territories of the K’omoks and Quw'ut'sun First Nations.

I practice phytotherapy and clinical herbalism - I use plants to treat people - and I do it in a way that combines evidence-based traditional medicine with modern scientific research and careful observation from my clinical practice. I am consistently in awe of the power of plant medicines to bring about vitality and prevent (or event reverse) disease processes.

I take a thorough, comprehensive approach that offers the patient reassurance, guidance, education, and support in navigating their health journey. Each patient receives a practical roadmap for healing including:

  • Herbal prescriptions that are individualized to the patient

  • Targeted nutritional supplementation 

  • Dietary advice, nutritional support, and meal-planning

  • Actionable and impactful lifestyle recommendations

  • Referrals to other practitioners

  • Requisitions for nutritional, metabolic, and hormone testing

  • On-going support between sessions

My educational background includes a 2-year Nursing education, two Diplomas in Phytotherapy and Acupuncture (including over 1000 hours of clinical practicum) and on-going mentorship with Medical Herbalists Chanchal Cabrera and Megan Waddy. I am honoured and grateful to be working alongside my mentors, carrying forward the time-tested healing traditions of using plant medicines to support wellness.

If you would like to know more about working with me, please get in touch: or book a free 15 minute consult. 


All appointments offered via Telehealth

  • Free-15 min Meet & Greet

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Microdosing Consultations


  • Energy Healing and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

  • Free 15-minute Initial Greeting

About Marnie

I raise my hands to the Quw’utsun First Nation and their ancestors, on whose traditional and unceded land I live and work. I am a descendent of early settler colonialists from Gaelic, Nordic and Germanic lineages, whose traditional cultures, languages, relationships to land, medicines and life stories were largely lost to my family. The learning and living of decolonization, reconciliation and anti-oppression shown to me by Indigenous Peoples, Black and Peoples of Colour is a heart-commitment underlying and inspiring my work.


Integral to this learning and living for me has been recognizing and uprooting in myself stories of separation – e.g. body separated from mind and heart, physical from spiritual; and hierarchies of race, class, gender, humans over the Earth. Stories that promote harm, injustice, fear, and misuse of power. Stories that distance us from innate wisdom and compassion, and give rise to physical, mental, emotional injury and illness.


I want to work with others – particularly women, at this time – to call forward our ancient, earthly and cosmic stories, and co-create new ones for healing, transformation, reciprocity, kinship. Stories that open our sense of magic and beauty, that tell of the multidimensional and sacred nature of life. Stories that inspire us to build safer, sustainable, harmonious and loving social systems, which celebrate diversity and culture. Stories which invoke our reason for being, and guide us to live and die well.


Over the past 20 years I’ve trained in hospital-based professional spiritual care (formerly “chaplaincy”), shiatsu, reiki, therapeutic touch, gestalt and transpersonal psychotherapy, trauma-recovery, anti-racism and cultural safety, psychedelic assisted therapy, craniosacra therapy, and since 2019, plant spirit medicine and spirit guide allyship with Megan Waddy. I weave these ways together using my hands, intuition, and dialogue with you, tracking and supporting your inner healing intelligence to bring good stories into embodiment.


My work has primarily been in hospitals, in acute and end-of-life care programs. I’m happy to now be part of the team at Ancient Origins, with kindred practitioners.

Please see Energy Healing and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy under Services for more information about how we could work together.

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