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Ceremony Package

Medicine Ceremonies

Plant medicine ceremonies provide a powerful opportunity for personal transformation. Ceremonies involve connecting with and working with the spirit of the medicine to support healing, personal growth and a deepening connection to self and to Spirit.  The medicine responds to the intentions and condition of each individual and connects them to the knowledge, experience, consciousness and/or the awareness that allows them to transcend the limitations of the “mind” or “ego”. It opens a ‘door’, allowing each person to connect with their deep inner self, to the universe, their spirit and their soul. Through this process one is gifted the opportunity to view themselves and their lives through a lens of compassionate clarity.  



Each person has agency in what they choose to explore during a ceremony. One’s intention is a powerful choice as it becomes the ‘container’ within which the medicine works through you.  Ceremonies should not be viewed as a “cure-all” or a way to by-pass your healing work - but rather an opportunity to increase your awareness and capacity to make positive change in your life. The ceremony experience can provide an extremely powerful (and often transformational) opportunity to re-define the challenges you face and obtain valuable insights into your unique path and purpose.  Through this process you may experience difficult feelings and memories, or be called upon to face your fears or own your magnificence; however, all you ever face is yourself. It is a journey from your head to your heart. 

The journey begins with an initial consultation, followed by two preparation session in which a variety of healing techniques are used to clear the body of blockages and negative influences in order to further prepare the individual for ceremony.

Available by application only


We are currently accepting applications for our 6 week transformational group ceremony container, A Journey Within. We have space for 10 participants and begin March 2024. 

What's Included in 1:1 Ceremony Work

Initial consultation: 1hr
*This session (and the associated fee) may waived if you are a current client. 

  • Explore your intentions, personal challenges (whether psycho-emotional, physical, or spiritual), and desired outcomes for ceremony work

  • Detailed review of medical history and lab work (if applicable)

  • Physical and constitutional assessment.

  • Detailed review of emotional experiences and trauma history, including past / current therapies and support systems.

  • Discuss any questions or concerns related to your ceremony experience

  • If applicable, a personalized treatment plan including customized formulation of herbal remedies, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and spiritual coaching as appropriate to ensure readiness.


Ceremony Preparation & Energy Healing Sessions: 2hr x2

  • Further clarify intentions for ceremony and deepen your exploration of blockages, and self limiting belief patterns, parts of self and traumas that you intend to shift through ceremony work. 

  • Unwind and clear negative energies and influences  (blocks) from the body to create a clear container for ceremony. See energy healing, under services for more details. 

  • Prepare your “internal space” and develop strategies for moving through difficult experiences that may arise during ceremony 

  • Develop and deepen a trusting relationship between yourself and the ceremony facilitator. 


Ceremony: 7-8hrs

  • You will be guided through this journey in a sacred container by two highly trained facilitors. 

  • A detailed ceremony information package will be provided on acceptance of your application.


Integration sessions: 2x 2hr

  • Synthesize your understanding of shifts, transformations, and/or realizations you experienced during your ceremony. 

  • Receive guidance on ways to meaningfully integrate this experience and the awareness you gained into your everyday life. 


*Please note: The preparation and integration sessions are essential to clarify the intentions of the individual, establish trust, and provide meaningful integration. These are the foundational elements of a transformative experience and are, therefore, equally as important as the ceremony itself. For this reason, we do not accept booking for one-time, stand-alone ceremonies. 

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