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Tue, May 30



Plant Spirit Rite of Passage 2023

Held within a ritual container, you will spend four days and 3 nights in isolation in nature connecting with a plant spirit ally

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Plant Spirit Rite of Passage 2023
Plant Spirit Rite of Passage 2023

Time & Location

May 30, 2023, 7:00 PM – Jun 02, 2023, 3:00 PM

Duncan, Duncan, BC, Canada

About the Event

A Plant Spirit Rite of Passage is a form of “plant diet”  where you will work with a plant in solitude and meditation, with  minimal food and water. It is a time to deepen your relationship with a  plant spirit, nature and yourself. Plant Spirit Rite of Passages are a  traditional way of working with plants in order to honor them, deepen  your connection with them, dream with them, and have a direct experience  with plant consciousness. Plant Spirit Rite of Passage is about  approaching a plant as your teacher; trusting and surrendering to them,  and granting them full access to your body, heart, mind and spirit, so  that it can heal and teach you on every layer of your being.

By  ingesting the medicine that is prepared each day for you in a sacred  manner it will give you the opportunity to receive the plants vibration  both physically and spiritually, as well as connect with their spirit  and consciousness. As we fast and sit in nature, our beings become  clearer and purer, allowing the vibration of the plant to enter our  being more deeply. 

A  relationship is formed by which the plant acts as the one who initiates  the human into the next level of awakening. The sacred and conscious physical ingestion of a plant helps to ground and integrate the new levels of consciousness into the physical body. It helps the body adapt to a higher vibration and change cellular structure. A plant diet can  help us to wake up and remember who we are, connecting us with all our relations on the planet and beyond.

Every  plant can act as a mirror for an aspect of yourself. As you deepen  relationships with the plants, you also deepen relationships with parts  of yourself, and thereby restore and nourish the integrity and ecology  of your body, soul and spirit. The plants have the capacity to restore  you to your “wholeness of being” and bring you into connection with your  true self. The plants can help you remember who  you truly are, where you come from, and reveal where you are going. In  this way, plant spirits can be one of your greatest teachers, healers,  allies and protectors. They have the ability to initiate you into  understanding how your wounds and traumas have the capacity to become  your greatest medicines and gifts - ultimately transforming you into  living breathing embodiments of medicine.

Healing  can occur physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and is  intended for the individual, the plant, the Earth and the collective. At  this time of great transformation on the Earth, the plants are bringing  forth important messages to assist our awakening and evolution. During a  Rite of Passage, the plants offer to initiate us to new levels of  consciousness, and help us remember our ancient origins. They have the  capacity to open the doorways to higher consciousness and can give us a  direct experience of other realms and dimensions.  By physically ingesting the plant, it supports you to ground and integrate new levels of consciousness into the body.

*Please reach out for the full details reguaring the ceremonial process, preparparation and integration process.


April 1st: Zoom 10-12 - sharing teachings, protocols, and how to prepare.

April 22nd 10-2pm - We sit around the fire on land where we will be doing Rite of Passage  in sacred circle. We will introduce ourselves to the spirits of the land, do guided journey to connect with the plant spirit that we are going to be dieting, and journey to discover how our ceremony space will  be created, and preparation for ceremony.

*You  will then have time to explore the land, and find a place that calls  you to sit for 3 nights. When you have found your space, I will support  you to make a pledge to your plant spirit and spirits of the land.

**Between April 22nd and May 30th, I will connect with each person individually to hear your intention and help you to prepare for the ceremony.

**I  recommend that you visit the land, prepare your space, pray in nature  and begin to develop a connection and relationship to the land between  April 22 and May 30th.

May 30-June 2nd Rite of Passage Ceremony 

June 17th 10am-2pm - integration fire circle at the Rite of Passage grounds.

**I have booked off time in my schedule for 1:1 sessions for both preparation and integration for those who wish for additional support. 

**Rite of Passage application is open to apprentices, students and spiritual mentorship clients that have prioriosly or are currently working with Megan. If you are not a student of Megan's but feel called to participate please feel free to reach out.

Please email to apply

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