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Meet the Ancient Origins Team
Kendra Heinemann

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  • Free 15-minute Herbal Consultations

  • 1:1 Herbal Medicine Clients 

  • Grow Your Own Medicine

About Kendra

Kendra Heinemann, Medical Herbalist


Kendra is a clinically trained medical herbalist originating from Edmonton, Alberta. Where she was born and raised before embarking on her journey to the west coast. In Edmonton as a child she grew up growing veggies in her childhood backyard, making potions out of mud and plants, and exploring the land with her family dog.


Growing up in the prairies, she was called to nature and connected with the poplar trees and boreal forests. Her herbal medicine journey continued when she saw her close family member struggle with mental illness. She felt like there was a better way to approach it besides a long list of pharmaceutical medications.


There was a turning point in her life where she realized she wanted to support individuals where they can feel heard and have herbal medicine to support them. She turned to nature, the plants, meditation and movement as teachers.


Her curiosity of supporting people through herbal medicine by diving deeper aligned with her love of nature, hiking and slow way of life brought her to so-called Vancouver Island where she embarked on her clinical herbal medicine journey to become a practitioner. She enrolled and was accepted at Pacific Rim College. 


After completing 500+ hours of clinical training, 480 hours in biomedical/ biological sciences and over 800 hours in western plant sciences. . Between semesters she would head back to Alberta to plant trees in the boreal forests where she would be immersed in native plants, she connected with the land in such a way where it carried her and supported her. 


She is offering 15 min free consultations, taking clients on a 1:1 basis, and will be hosting workshops and growing herbs to make into medicine. 


Kendra’s passions are but are not limited too, mental health, women’s health, hormonal health and digestive health.

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