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2 hour Energy Healing Session

Service Description

Megan reads client’s energy systems to identify the individual's true nature, path, and gifts while detecting what blocks them from having access to their greatest purpose and fulfilling their potential. After a diagnostic journey, Megan then removes blocked, congested energy from the client. The causes of the congestion can be trauma, wounding, curses, possessing spirits, ancestral burdens and more. After clearing blocked energies, Megan supports in the restoring of self parts / soul essence and re-patterns templates in the realms of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and quantum fields. She then supports the client to align to their true self, sovereign self and original divine blueprint. Through this work she helps clients remember and reclaim their intuitive gifts and life purpose that is in alignment with their soul’s contract. More about the Techniques employed in these Sessions:: Ancestral lineage healing: When ancestral lines are healthy, they become a natural root system for support and resources, when they are unhealthy, they can be a source of systemic issues including physical, mental and emotional illness and addiction. During a session, one ancestral line is chosen to work with, and together we journey to connect with a well and wise ancestor. During these sessions, the client has the opportunity to witness the healing of an entire lineage and reclaim the gifts and medicine of their blood and bones. Soul Retrieval: Trauma (whether from an acute physical or psychological event or accumulated over one's lifetime) can cause part of a person’s essence to leave their body. This mechanism, similar to the concept of dissociation in psychology, is generally an attempt by the body to protect itself from the psychological and emotional impact of the trauma. However, over time, this can produce symptoms/syndromes such as dissociative tendencies, post-traumatic stress, chronic illness, addictive behaviors, feeling empty inside, inability to access creative potential, loss of personal power, and persistent emotional states such as anxiety and depression that are unresponsive to treatment. The intention of a soul retrieval is to re-associate and bring healing to these aspects of self. Curse and thought-form unravelling: A curse or thought-form is a stuck energetic pattern that is having negative effects in life. Curses and thought-forms can be intentional or unintentional. They can be transmitted this lifetime, as well as throug

  • 2 hr
  • 200 US dollars

Cancellation Policy

Patients can change/ cancel their appointment online up to 48 hours before the appointment time. If you wish to Cancel or Change your appointment, please Login or create a membership account on our site (upper right corner of the website) and you can access your bookings and edit/cancel there.

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