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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Service Description

Plant medicine ceremonies provide a powerful opportunity for personal transformation. They are ideal for those who have been on a healing journey for some time but are encountering “blockages” or feeling limited by maladaptive belief patterns and negative thoughts. The journey begins with an initial consultation in which personal concerns are explored (whether psycho-emotional, physical, or spiritual) and intentions are clarified. In the next session, a variety of energy healing techniques may be employed to clear the body of negative influences and further prepare the individual for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, we close the experience with an integration session - this session allows for the experience to be synthesized and articulated in a meaningful way so that it may be carried forward, transforming our every-day lives. What’s included: Initial consultation - 1hr Energy clearing & ceremony preparation session - 2 hrs Ceremony - typically 7-8hrs Integration session - 1hr *Please note: The preparation and integration sessions are essential to clarify the intentions of the individual, ensure personal safety, and provide meaningful integration. These elements are the foundations of a transformational experience and are therefore equally as important as the ceremony itself. For this reason, we do not accept booking for one-time, stand-alone ceremonies. Ceremonies involve connecting with and working with the spirit of the medicine to support healing, personal growth and a deepening connection to self and to Spirit. The medicine responds to the intentions and condition of each individual and connects them to the knowledge, experience, consciousness and/or the awareness that allows them to temporarily transcend the limitations of the “mind” or “ego”. It opens a ‘door’, allowing each person to connect with their deep inner self, to the universe, their spirit and their soul. Through this process one is gifted the opportunity to view themselves and their lives through a lens of compassionate clarity. You are at the center of your experience: Each person has agency in what they choose to explore during a ceremony – one’s intention is a powerful choice as it becomes the ‘container’ within which the medicine works through you. Ceremonies should not be viewed as a “cure-all” or a way to by-pass your healing work - after the ceremony, you may still face many of the same challenges as you did before.

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  • 1,700 US dollars

Cancellation Policy

Patients can change/ cancel their appointment online up to 48 hours before the appointment time. If you wish to Cancel or Change your appointment, please Login or create a membership account on our site (upper right corner of the website) and you can access your bookings and edit/cancel there.

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