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I have been a client of Megan’s for 4 years, and working with her has transformed my life! Megan’s unique skillset has opened me up to a whole new way of being in this world as my most authentic self. The combination of 1:1 healing sessions, ceremonies, spiritual guidance, circles, Rites of Passage, and herbal teachings have woven a tapestry of supportive skills, connections & healing in my life. When I first came to Megan, I was reliant on pharmaceuticals, and stuck in a vicious cycle of self harm. Megan helped me see that the things I struggle with most can actually be turned into my greatest strengths. She is the first practitioner I encountered after 10 years of seeking mental health support who did not see my symptoms as a character flaw or as something that needed to be suppressed with medication. Instead, under Megan’s guidance I am developing my intuition, discovering my voice, and finding positive outlets for excess energy. And while we have been building my resilience, the maladaptive coping and suffering has naturally fallen away. I am forever grateful to Megan for helping me navigate this Earth as an empath and see my own worth. Megan is a truly gifted healer, and I believe that if more practitioners took the holistic and open minded approach that Megan does, there would be a lot more healing and growth happening for humankind.

~ K.F.


Participating in ceremony with Megan has been one of the most transformative and healing endeavours of my life. Megan holds exquisite space that is grounded, authentic, and rooted deep in the Earth, Tradition and most importantly, her own intuitive knowing. As a guide she listens deeply, is bountiful in her compassion, and was able to take me, safely, to the depths of my shadow content, and support integration. After ceremony with Megan, I felt a deeper trust in myself, in life's intelligence and in my own intuitive capacity to listen for the way. If you have the opportunity to sit ceremony with Megan, trust the call and surrender to the transformation that is seeking you.

~ J.T.

Megan is an extraordinary healer, visionary, and educator. Highly skilled and intuitive, she works across the realms to offer everything from herbal support to otherworldly healing. She shows up in the work with integrity, dedication, clarity, and passion. As a psychotherapist, I highly respect Megan's work and recommend her wholeheartedly.


~ M.M


I suffered immensely and was plagued by darkness for the past two decades. This led me to travel the world in search of a healer to help me. In the past 20 years, I have worked with many healers and shamans, and Megan is by far the most gifted healer that I have encountered. Working with Megan has transformed my life in more than words can convey. Megan has an amazing ability to track energies with clear discernment, and has the tools and skillset to transform and bring healing to the non-self energies or parts of self. She brilliantly bridges her clinical therapeutic skills and shamanic abilities with deep compassion. I am forever grateful.

~ D.R.


There are few people whom I have met who have my complete trust and confidence with the inner parts of my being and to support my connection to the spiritual realm. Megan has skillfully and beautifully supported some of the most deep and magnificent healing that I have, personally, ever done. I know that individuals, communities, and the planet are in need of the kind of healing possible with a healer, teacher and leader such as Megan. She has tremendous and clear energy. May she continue to guide us towards a healthy, harmonious whole. It is my dream to be part of a community of healers and Megan has confirmed to me that it is possible.

~ K.L.


When I first met Megan in 2020 right before the world shifted, I had what to date has been the most powerful healing and evolutionary experience of my life. Even speaking about it now, over a year and a half later it brings tears to my eyes and a quiver to my voice. What I experienced during our ceremony shifted how I show up in the world on a human level and a spiritual level. I then completed the 9-month Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship training with Megan, including with a 3 night 4 day Rite of passage, sitting in isolation, fasting with a Plant in nature. This experience was deeply profound, and helped me to remember and reclaim parts of myself and my connection to the Earth. I am deeply grateful beyond words. If more people worked with Megan, the world will be a better place.

~ K.G.


I had heard through the Cowichan community about Megan’s reputation as a healer, and on discovering through a friend about her Plant Spirit apprenticeship program, immediately applied. I have just completed year one of the program, and the experience has been truly incredible. She is a brilliant teacher; her astounding depth of knowledge, her passion, caring and engaging creative style, have truly made this one of the most unique learning experiences I have had the honour to participate in. The four-day rite of passage - the grand finale of the year - I would rank as one of the most profound and transformative experiences I have had in my lifetime, and I am confident that the other ten women who participated in our group would echo this sentiment. Whether she is working with groups or one on one with clients, Megan is a transformative change maker, and in my view, her work is much needed particularly in the uncertain times in which we presently live. She is truly a gift to the Cowichan community.

~ R.C.


Working with Megan has been such a blessing. It had been many years I was looking for a teacher to develop my relationship with plants, and I feel fortunate to have found her and been able to enrol in the course (it filled up so fast I almost didn’t make it in!). She has taught me practices and brought my abilities to a level I didn’t even imagine, and I know I have so much more I can learn from her in the years to come. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about plants, both in medical herbalist and ancient traditional relationships with plants. Her course is well structured, with lots of notes and practical exercises that I will go back to for years to come. She brings a lively spirit to the class (she is so passionate about what she teaches!), and is very approachable and insightful. I could not recommend Megan’s teaching enough for anyone interested in deeply connecting with plants.

~ M.S.J.


I have had the honor to sit in ceremony, do 1:1 energy healing work, two years of plant spirit apprenticeship, and a Rite of Passage with Megan. All of these ceremonies have been filled with great reverence and respect for the spirit of the land that we have had the great privilege to work on. The depth and breadth that she has added to all of our lives, the mindfulness as a medicine woman of light, and integrity are something that will affect me for the rest of my life.

She has reignited my faith, hope and use of my body & it’s miraculous abilities to full capacity, (I have incapacitating MS exacerbations at times). Megan modelled for us the importance of relationships and community, our small group benefited in most the beautiful ways. I trust her with all that I am, Megan Waddy has my full endorsement

~ C.J.

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