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Meet the Ancient Origins Team
Marnie Roper


  • Free 15-minute Initial Greeting

  • Integrated Counselling and Body Work Sessions (in-person or online)

  • Body Work (only) Sessions

  • Microdosing Consultations and Guided Programs

About Marnie

I raise my hands to the Quw’utsun First Nation and their ancestors, on whose traditional and unceded land I live and work.


I’m a descendent of early settler colonialists from Gaelic, Nordic and Germanic lineages, whose traditional cultures, languages, and relationships to land were largely lost to my family. The learning and living of decolonization, reconciliation and anti-oppression is a heart-commitment underlying my work.  Integral to this is finding and uprooting in myself stories of separation and hierarchy that give rise to fear and harm – e.g. separating bodies from minds, hearts and the environment, and dividing people into a hierarchy of races and classes.


I want to work with others to call forward our ancient, earthly and cosmic stories – and co-create new ones for healing, transformation, reciprocity, kinship.  Stories that open our sense of magic and beauty, that tell of the multidimensional and sacred nature of life. Stories that inspire us to build safer, sustainable, harmonious and loving social systems, which celebrate diversity and culture. Stories which invoke our reason for being, and guide us to live and die well.


Over the past 20 years I’ve trained in hospital-based spiritual care (formerly “chaplaincy”), shiatsu, reiki, therapeutic touch, gestalt and transpersonal psychotherapy, trauma-recovery, anti-racism and cultural safety, psychedelic assisted therapy, craniosacral therapy, and since 2019, plant spirit medicine and spirit guide collaboration with Megan Waddy. I weave these ways together using my hands, intuition, and dialogue with you, tracking and supporting your inner healing intelligence to bring good stories into embodiment.

Please see Counselling and Body Work under the Services tab for more information about working together.

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