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Herbal Medicine

our approach

Our unique approach draws upon scientifically-validated uses of medicinal plants as well as their unique energetic properties in order to access the full spectrum of their healing abilities. By seeking to understand the energetic patterns behind physiology, psychology, and spirit, we have a way of working with the plants beyond the limited paradigm of symptom treatment. Our goal is to find herbs that are an energetic match for the individual, helping to re-establish balance and bring about a state of "wholeness of being".  

sessions offered

*all sessions offered virtually or in-person*

Initial Intake ($140 - 90minutes):

For new clients 

  • Exploration of present symptoms/ conditions

  • Detailed review of past medical history and any recent lab tests (if applicable)

  • Physical and constitutional assessment

  • Personalized treatment plan including customized formulation of herbal remedies, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and spiritual coaching as appropriate.

  • Recommendations for follow-up appointments at appropriate intervals.


Follow-up ($85 - 60min) 

  • Review of progress: changes in symptoms, body systems, energy levels etc.

  • Adjustment of care plan/ herbal formulas if appropriate 

  • On-going support and clarification of treatment goals 


Follow-up ($50 - 30min)

  • For acute conditions, clarifications, updates, and questions related to care plan

Please note: Megan Waddy's patient case load is currently full. Click here to add yourself to her waitlist

our apothecary

All herbal formulas are organically grown, sustainably sourced, or ethically wildcrafted on Vancouver Island. Herbal products include: tea, tincture, cream, salve, and flower and stone essences. All herbal remedies are billed separately

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