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Integrated Counselling and Energy Healing with Marnie

Weaving together energy healing and counselling approaches that support holistic healing, I work with people as:

  • sovereign beings, shaped by and shaping their family, social and environmental systems

  • multifaceted beings, with physical, mental, emotional, and multidimensional aspects, all intimately interconnected

  • unique tapestries of ancestral, cultural and spiritual, earthly and cosmic lineages

Caring for thousands of people in healthcare and end of life care contexts has shown me over and over again the importance of feeling safe, respected and supported as a starting place for healing and transformation.  I offer a grounded, calm, receptive and compassionate presence in service of this.  I use non-sexual touch, gentle pressure and movement with my hands, and verbal dialogue, invitations and questions, to track, bring awareness to, and support a client’s unfolding process. I also bring appreciation for our physical bodies as the foundation of our perception, experience, feelings and relationships.  Our bodies carry our own most potent medicine, and the knowledge of those who have gone before us.
What I focus on with clients:

  • strengthening embodied presence, and conscious collaboration with innate healing intelligence

  • tending to internal wounds, and unwinding holding patterns underlying physical and emotional symptoms

  • reconnecting lost, fragmented parts of self

  • understanding symptoms and inner fragmentation in relation to family, social and environmental systems

  • bringing compassion and nurturing to enable relaxation, release, flow and healing

  • rooting in who you are - ancestry, culture, values, purpose – and calling forth who you are becoming

  • cultivating subtle perception through emotions, sensations, intuition, and  energetic ways of knowing

  • preparation for dying

  • microdosing support


Please see About Marnie for more on the values and intentions guiding my work, and the modalities I draw from.

Sessions Offered

In-person sessions are held in DUNCAN on Sundays and Mondays (Matraea Centre, 170 Craig St.), and COBBLE HILL on Wednesdays (Valleyview Centre, 1400 Cowichan Bay Rd., suite 32).


Counselling and Energy Healing

Initial greeting (online, 15 minutes, free)
Prior to booking a first, full session, I ask all potential clients to book an initial, free 15-minute online session with me. This time is for us to say hello, talk about your intentions and how I might be able to support, and get a sense of our fit. Once you’ve booked this session you’ll be emailed a link to an intake form with basic questions (e.g. contact information, health considerations, intentions). Please complete this online before we meet, so I can review.
First session (90 minutes, $160, in-person at Matraea or online)
When we meet for the first full session we’ll talk about your intake form in more depth, clarify any agreements for developing safety and trust, and begin exploration of what you’d like to focus on.  For in-person sessions we may also start hands-on energy work on the therapy table. Please wear clothing that is comfortable for lying down, and for movement (you’ll stay fully clothed during sessions).

Continuing sessions (90 mins, $160, in-person at Matraea or online)

The number and spacing between sessions is decided by you; if possible, weekly or bi-weekly over 6-weeks to several months can be helpful to support significant shifts.  These sessions will also include time sitting together in dialogue, and for those in-person, time on the therapy table.  

6 session discount package (10% off each session, in-person or online)

For those who would like to work together regularly, I offer a 10% discount for 6-session packages.  The sessions can either be paid for all together at the beginning, or individually at the end of each session.


Please be in touch with me at to set up a 6-session package.  

Microdosing Support

Please see our Medicinal Microdosing Consultations page for more information about 30 and 60 minute, one-time sessions, as well as 6-week and 3-month guided programs.

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