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Microdosing Consultations

Blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Healthcare

If you are new to microdosing, have a complex health history, or are currently taking pharmaceuticals, we highly recommend booking a 1:1 consultation.

We’ll help you determine what formula is a good fit for you, discuss dosage and scheduling, and recommend custom tools and mindfulness practices to support your individual needs.

* Please note: these consultations are not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor. Medicinal Microdosing does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. You are strongly advised to seek medical advice before using any of our products.

Microdose Products 

To order our organic, vegan-friendly, intentionally-sourced microdose products, visit our online store below:


All mushrooms are grown organically in small batches on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada, and all blends are carefully formulated by medically-trained herbalists and naturopathic physicians.

One-time Microdosing Consultations

30-minute consultation


This is best suited for individuals who are new to microdosing and wish to learn more about how to get the most out of their microdosing experience.


On this call we will cover:

  • Brief medical, emotional, physical history. 

  • Your intentions and goals for microdosing.

  • The mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of microdosing.

  • The scientific and energetic effects of microdosing.

  • Timing, dosage, and practices to help you get the most from our products.

  • Any contraindications and precautions for your journey, and whether microdosing is right for you.


30-minute consultations are offered by our interdisciplinary team at Ancient Origins Medicinals.

60-minute consultation


This is best suited for individuals suffering from complex or chronic health issues, as well as those taking pharmaceuticals.


On this call we will cover:

  • Everything mentioned in the ‘30-minute consultation’

  • Detailed medical, emotional, physical history.

  • How to safely microdose with your current pharmaceuticals.

  • Pharmaceutical and microdose contraindications.

  • Nutritional, lifestyle and spiritual coaching may be offered, as recommendations for herbal and nutritional supplements.

60-minute consultations are offered by our interdisciplinary team at Ancient Origins Medicinals.

Guided Microdosing Programs

To experience the greatest potential of microdosing requires active engagement with the medicine, and with your intention.


The plants and fungi are innately intelligent, and work in collaboration with the intelligence of our mind-body system. They will organically respond to the needs of our system, and will help enable our conscious intention through heightened self awareness, sensitivity, creativity, quieting the “default mode” of patterned thinking, and facilitating new pathways and of perception and understanding.  It can be very helpful to have support in this healing and transformative process - to track the unfolding of our intention, to discern next steps, and to integrate and embody change.


A limited number of six-week and three-month programs (descriptions below) will be offered by the Ancient Origins team in 2024.



Six-week Guided Microdosing Program

(in-person or online)

This 6-week guided program begins with an introductory consultation, followed by weekly microdosing support sessions

(3 x half hour, and 2 x 1-hour).  These sessions can be held either in-person at our Duncan office, or online. 

In our introductory consultation, we’ll gather important considerations from your intake form (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational/supportive resources), and hone in on your intention for microdosing.  We’ll talk about how you can work with the medicine as a partner for your intention, including choice of formula, determining dose, scheduling, and establishing consistent practices.


We’ll also cover:

  • Working with challenges and opportunities that can arise with increased awareness, sensitivity, and emotional availability.

  • Planning practices to track your process, support healing, and integrate new experiences. 

  • Addressing taboo around microdosing.

  • Any questions or concerns you may have as you begin this journey.

Following the consultation, we’ll meet once a week to explore your process and make any adjustments to your microdosing protocol, if needed.

In weekly sessions we’ll deepen into:

  • Tracking your experience, and the unfolding of your intention (including highlights from a daily journal).

  • Assessing your experience in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational realms.

  • Navigating challenges, and charting new terrain.  Bolstering insights and embodying change.

  • Connecting with the spirit of psilocybin as an ally.

Six week program financial exchange: $650 plus tax - includes:

Week 1

  • Initial consultation (60 minutes)

Weeks 2-6

  • Once per week microdosing support sessions (3 x 30 min sessions + 2 x 60 min sessions )


  • 6 week supply of premium quality microdose capsules 

Three-Month Immersive Microdosing Program

(in-person or online)

The 3-month immersive program provides an extended, supportive container for the deep healing and transformation of your intention, in partnership with the plants and fungi.

This program includes the same, core content of the initial consultation and weekly sessions described in the 6-week program – plus an additional 90-minute session once-a-month, in which we’ll work with your heightened awareness, emotional access and neuro-flexibility to actively engage, process and integrate your experience, for embodied change. Depending upon which Ancient Origins practitioner you're working with, these sessions will include energy healing and / or counselling modalities.

Three month program financial exchange: $1,475 plus tax - includes:

Month 1

  • Initial consultation (60 minutes)

  • 1 x energy healing and/or counselling session (90 minutes)

  • 2 x weekly microdosing support sessions (30 minutes each)

Month 2

  • 1 x energy healing and/or counselling session (90 minutes)

  • 3 weekly microdosing support sessions (30 minutes each)

Month 3

  • 1 x energy healing and/or counselling session (90 minutes)

  • 3 x weekly microdosing support sessions (30 minutes each)


  • 1 additional weekly microdosing support session (30 minutes)

  • 3 month supply of premium quality microdose capsules

Applications now being accepted for 2024!

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