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May4th-July 28th 2024

Pink Rose

A three month in-person immersion that delves into the sacred mysteries of the feminine body, unlocking the alchemical chambers of knowledge within.

As the ancient tides of wisdom rise and flow within,
echoing the sacred whispers of our innerb
lossoms, we invite you to be held by the presence of ocean and cedar in sacred ceremony.

Just as the buds unfurl on the trees, we gather in the midst of nature's awakening to delve into
the transformative currents of our own being. Like morning dew drops with fractal eyes, this
Hathor-Magdalene Womb Mysteries Initiation invites you to awaken your senses, summon
forth your holy waters, and unfurl your true self that resides within. Let this sacred journey be a
dance with the rhythms of the Earth, the mysteries of Stars, and the wisdom of your feminine
nature, as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, empowerment and the
 remembrance of the inner gnosis that resides within each of us.
To walk this path, is to embody ancestral multidimensional wisdom of Earth and Star that has
been woven together by golden threads and filled with the sacred breath of life.

We do this work to know thy self, with the intention of fully occupying our physical vessels with
our soul essence, to reclaim our power, to reclaim our innocence, to reclaim our voices and to harmoniously weave within realms of Unity consciousness.
We do this work in honor of Sophia, the original blueprints of Gaia, the original ancestors and
elders, the lands, the stars, the elements our hearts and our essence.
In this immersive experience, participants will be guided by the Goddesses Hathor, Isis, Mother
Mary and Mary Magdalene to delve into the sacred mysteries of their bodies, unlocking the
alchemical chambers of knowledge within. The focus is on cultivating a profound connection to
the feminine ways of knowing through the wisdom held in our wombs, hearts and
multidimensional selves.
Gold Fabric

Weaving the Sisterhood of our Hive

Womb-based Shamanism Practices

Connect with Sophia Consciousness

Alchemical Chambers / Stargates of the Body

Medicine of Sigil - Lemniscate

Introduction to Mediumship / Oracular Work

Lady’s Mantle as Ally

Honey Bee as Ally

Womb-Voice Connection through a Medicine Song

Altar Creation & Tending

Weekend One: The Hive

Weekend Two: Hathor

Meet Goddess Hathor through Journey & Mediumship

Meet the Hathor Nation (Star Beings) & Seraphim

Sound Medicine / Light Language

Hathor Chant

Merkaba Light Body Activation

Introduction into Quantum Healing

Connection to Unity Consciousness Grids

DNA Healing & Light Code Activation

Spider as Ally

Frankincense as Ally

Weekend Three: Isis

Meet Goddess Isis through Journey & Mediumship

Sirius as Ally

Medicine of Sigil – Ankh

Ankh Chant, Breath, & Movement Practice

Multi-dimensional Soul Retrieval

Quantum Healing Continued

Dragon Lines

Blue Lotus as Ally

Weekend Four: Mother Mary

Meet Mother Mary through Journey and Mediumship

Temple of Sophia Healing

Pleiadian Star Beings

Water Blessings / Oil Anointing

Rose Bead Rosary

Aramaic Mother Mary Invocation

White Rose as Ally

Weekend Five: Mary Magdalene

Meet Mary Magdalene through Journey & Mediumship

Heiros-Gamos / Bridal Chamber

Womb Sipping

Staff work / Kundalini Breath

Aramaic Mary Magdalene Invocation

Snake as Ally

Red Rose as Ally

Join us on this transformative path to reclaim your power, innocence, voice, and weave in harmony with Unity consciousness.

Dates & Times :

Weekend One: May 4th & 5th 10am-5pm

Weekend Two: May 25th & 26th 10am-5pm

Weekend Three: June 15th & 16th 10am-5pm

Weekend Four: July 6th & 7th 10am-5pm

Weekend Five: July 27th & 28th 10am-5pm


Cowichan Valley (directions to be given upon registration)


$2700 Or 5 payments of $550


After each weekend, you will take home a body of practices, a medicine chant, and plant medicine to incorporate into your daily routine.

This program is now FULL.
Apply to join the waitlist OR be notified for the next cohort!

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