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2024 Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship 

Embark on a nine-month transformative journey into realms of Plant Spirit Medicine guided by Medical Herbalist Megan Waddy.


This apprenticeship focusses on learning tools to awaken and strengthen your intuition and ability to connect and communicate with plant allies and nature spirits through embodied knowing.

The Next Apprenticeship Begins September 2024.
Applications Open Spring 2024!

Curriculum Highlights

Medicine Making

Earth Guardianship & Grid Tending

Ancestral Connection & Tending
Plant Diets 

Plant Spirit Communication
Plant Spirit Mediumship

Awakening & Deepening Intuitive Gifts 

Remembering Your True Self Essence,
Divine Blueprint & Sovereign Self

Growing Your Own Personal Power
Guided Meditations

Sound Healing Journeys


Shamanic Journeying & Activations

Rite of Passage Ceremony

The Apprenticeship


Embark on a nine- month transformative journey into realms of Plant Spirit Medicine guided by Medical herbalist and Multidimensional healerMegan Waddy. This apprenticeship focuses on learning tools to awaken and strengthen your intuition and ability to connect and communicate with plant allies and nature spirits through embodied knowing. Within a ceremonial container, we will drop into a space of communion and connection with plants as conscious beings, relearning and remembering the sacred plant medicines that our ancestors carried. 

We will experience what embodied knowing feels like and remember how we can activate transformational healing on an individual, collective and planetary level. This apprenticeship seeks to initiate a transformational journey into relationship with nature, the plants, the subtle realms and our inner wisdom. 


Together, we journey though the wheel of the year, attuning to, listening and connect with the rhythms of nature, our ancestors and our true self essence. With the plants as our teachers and guides, you will be invited to ceremonies at Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara and Beltane. To complete the apprenticeship, each participant will be invited to embark on a four-day Rite of Passage nature immersion initiation with a plant spirit ally.


This is an experiential apprenticeship that is dedicated to relational connection to self, others, spirit and the Earth.

Each weekend builds upon the previous. We deepen our intuition, our connection with Self, with nature and with plant kin. Each month we will be introduced into a different animist practice, different plants, somatic tools, dream practices, breath and movement practices to deepen inner gnosis and open our facilities into the ‘non-ordinary’ states of reality and connection with the sublet realms.

Weekend immersions will be a fusion of animistic practices, sound journeying, nature connection, transmissions and activations, sharing circles, and herbal knowledge. We explore the practice of oscillating between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, transitioning from linear to non-linear thinking. This journey interweaves the intellectual, imaginal, somatic, and spiritual aspects of our being, creating a comprehensive inner landscape

What is Included

  • A tincture & tea for each plant that is dieted (1 month per plant)

  • Written teaching notes after each weekend intensive

  • Herbal monographs for each plant (including:  herbal actions, constituents, physiological, energetic, planetary, animal correspondences, mythos, ritual, psychospiritual, esoteric uses). 

  • Homework assignments and animist practices 

  • Audio recordings of guided meditations, plant spirit transmissions and sound journeys  

  • Online community group platform

  • 15% discount off the entire herbal apothecary

  • Receive invites for exclusive Ancient Origins events including: harvesting, medicine making and medicine ceremonies

  • Access to book in for 1:1 energy healing, spiritual mentoring, herbal consultations and medicine ceremonies with Megan

Dates & Details

The First Gateway – Plant Spirit Connection 

  • Connection to land and place

  • Introduction to plant spirit connection

  • Introduction to shamanic journey work

  • Introduction to Celtic animism

  • Explore and deepen our extrasensory perception

  • Breath and eco-somatic practices

  • Cedar as ally

  • Open cedar diet

  • Introduction into dream work

  • Spiritual hygiene, grounding, cleansing, balancing your energy body

Full day Geeth’n’Gow Plant Spirit Immersion, Ceremony, and Medicine Making

Plant Spirit Sound Bath and Journey with Rosemary 

The Second Gateway - Ancestral Wisdom 

  • Ancestral connection & lineage tending

  • Deepening extrasensory perception and intuition

  • Rosemary as ally

  • Yew Tree Mysteries

  • Yew chant

  • Open diet with Yew

Samhain Ceremony 

Harvest and Medicine Making – Dual Extract Mushroom Tinctures 

Plant Spirit Journey with Reishi Mushroom 

The Third Gateway - Mediumship and Dreamwork

  • Introduction to plant spirit mediumship

  • Dream work

  • Mugwort as ally

Yule Ritual

Plant Spirit Meditation with Yarrow 

Imbolc Ritual

The Fourth Gateway - Energy Mastery and Protection

  • Plants for Protection, boundaries, empathic differentiation

  • Plants for clearing, cleansing, and transmuting the energy body

  • Smoke Medicine

  • Geeth’n’Gow as ally

Ostara Ritual 

Plant Spirit Journey with Angelica Archangelica

Fifth Gateway - Transformation and Empowerment

  • Bear medicine

  • Journey with Skunk Cabbage, Osha, and Angelica Archangelica

  • Rite of Passage preparation

Beltane Ritual 

Rite of Passage Preparation

Rite of Passage Nature Immersion Ceremony

Integration and Closing Circle


$3000 paid in full 
OR 12 monthly payments of $275


"I’ve had the incredible opportunity and honour to study with Megan for two years of Plant Spirit Apprenticeship and have completed three Plant Spirit Rites of Passage Ceremonies! 
Everything I’ve learned in these sacred containers has been deeply transformational on every level and has very much informed me in the way I walk through life, and the spaces I hold as a practitioner of the healing arts
I’ve gained so many wonderful practices and allies along the way that I could not imagine being without anymore. 

The Rite of passage ceremonies are an experience unlike any other!! It is such an extraordinary way to immerse ourselves in ceremonial connection with a plant, the land, and ourselves.

When my dad crossed over to the Light last year, I felt confident to step up into the role of leading the burial ceremony of his ashes in a forest cemetery, applying much of the ways of ceremony and nature connection I’ve learned with Megan.

I hold such deep gratitude for the spaces Megan holds and the medicines she carries and shares."


When I first met Megan in 2020 right before the world shifted, I had what to date has been the most powerful healing and evolutionary experience of my life. Even speaking about it now, over a year and a half later it brings tears to my eyes and a quiver to my voice. What I experienced during our ceremony shifted how I show up in the world on a human level and a spiritual level.

I then completed the 9-month Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship training with Megan, including with a 3 night 4 day Rite of Passage, sitting in isolation, fasting with a Plant in nature. This experience was deeply profound, and helped me to remember and reclaim parts of myself and my connection to the Earth. I am deeply grateful beyond words. If more people worked with Megan, the world will be a better place.


After a strong healing experience facilitated by Megan in medicine ceremony, I felt called to the 9 month Plant Spirit Apprenticeship with the intention of learning her intuitive approach to guiding.  What I experienced in the apprenticeship was much more than a learning - it has been a complete rewiring of my cosmological framework around healing, plants and how we as humans can tap back into and be allied with the intelligence of the Earth. 

As a guide and teacher, Megan is holding a profoundly powerful and unique space of being grounded - in plant herbalism, in science, in psychiatric approaches to mental health - and attuned to the spirit world of plants, of ancestors, and the Star Nations. It is this blend of grounded shamanic practice that 
Megan facilitates and activates in each of us in the apprenticeship.  

Megan has taught me how to listen to the plants, listen to the spirits, and most of all, how to listen to myself, and trust all these voices as I am supported to open myself again to my own inherent healing wisdom and the intelligence of life that surrounds me.  I would highly recommend anyone with a love of the Earth, of Healing, to take part in her plant spirit apprenticeship - it may just change your life as it has mine.


The Plant Spirit Apprenticeship was an incredible experience. Megan is a brilliant teacher; her astounding depth of knowledge, her passion, caring and engaging creative style, have truly made this one of the most amazing learning experiences I have had the honour to participate in. The four-day rite of passage - the grand finale of the year - I would rank as one of the most profound and transformative experiences I have had in my lifetime, and I am confident that the other participants in our group would echo this sentiment. Whether she is working with groups or one on one with clients, Megan is a transformative change maker, and in my view, her work is much needed particularly in the uncertain times in which we presently live. She is truly a gift to the Cowichan community.


The two-years of Plant Spirit Apprenticeship greatly impacted my healing and personal growth.This path opened up my inner gnosis to the animist realms of the plants, elementals, planets and spirits. The safety of the group container and the depth of connection not only with the Earth and plants, but also with others, was the greatest gift for self-inquiry, exploration and healing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to embark on a path to deepen institution, and connection with Self and other.


Participating in the Plant Spirit Apprenticeship with Megan has been one of the most transformative and healing endeavours of my life. Megan holds exquisite space that is grounded, authentic, and rooted deep in the Earth, ancestral tradition and most importantly, her own intuitive knowing. As a guide she listens deeply, is bountiful in her compassion, and was able to take me, safely, to the depths of my shadow content, and support integration. I now feel a deeper trust in myself, in life's intelligence and in my own intuitive capacity to listen for the way. If you have the opportunity to work with Megan, trust the call and surrender to the transformation that is seeking you.


Megan has been such a kind, compassionate, and deeply influential mentor upon my journey in this life. Through many energy healing sessions as well as the plant spirit apprenticeship, she has profoundly helped illuminate a much clearer, intuitive, and connected understanding of what it means to be a human being in this sacred life on this precious planet. She has helped show me how to engage with the great mystery, how to live a life that is connected to source, to transform that which is in the way. Our work together has helped me reclaim my essential nature and glow and shine and let my heart radiate forth in its fullest and truest unique expression of creation. She has helped paint a much better map as to what this life is, how it all works, and for this I am eternally grateful. She has also deeply helped me during great challenges when overburdened and consumed by dark forces, she has helped me return to my invincible innocence and embody my essential nature, to reclaim my unapologetic authenticity. With grace and gratitude I am eternally grateful to have Megan as a guide to help me remember what it truly means to be alive on this planet, in this body, in this moment.


The Plant Spirit Apprenticeship with Megan, brought me into deep connection and resonance with the plants and the natural world.
Each weekend was a portal into a deeper relationship with myself, the natural world and my own abilities to heal. I can’t imagine my life without this path of learning. I now experience a sense of belonging that became possible by learning how to listen and be in relationship with the more than human helpers guides around me. I am forever grateful to Megan for her teachings and the opportunity to participate in a Rite of Passage each spring. 

Megan is an amazing teacher, facilitator, and ceremonialist. She shares generously her experience and knowledge in a way that allows each participant the opportunity to deepen into their own knowing. I am very grateful that she has chosen to continue to mentor humans in this way and highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to expand and deepen a focus into nature connection and plant medicine.


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