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The Next Apprenticeship Begins September 2024.
Applications Open Spring 2024!

The Apprenticeship


You are invited to join us on the path of Divine Feminine Mastery, where we will be receiving teachings, wisdom, healing and embodied transmissions from 13 goddesses, and 13 plants over a two year period.


This course is a deep exploration and initiation into the Goddess Path, the Sacred Feminine, and Divine Feminine Mastery. This body of work, is a journey of remembrance and reclamation of our beauty, power and true self essence as embodied beings of light. We will work deeply with the womb space, our heart centers and our voice to awaken and expand our wild feminine creative power, sacred sexuality and sacred feminine sovereignty.


Each month we will be introduced to a different Goddess, one of her plant allies, one of her sacred tools and a medicine song to invoke or honor her. During the month, you will be invited to dive into deep connection with the Goddess and her plant ally as you prepare and work with tools of her craft.


During our weekend intensives together, our work will be held is a sacred container to allow for deep healing and transformational work to be processed, witnessed and transmuted. Embarking on this journey of feminine sovereignty may bring up emotional realms of grief, pain, anger, loss on a personal, ancestral and collective level.


*We are currently updating the events page. Full program details will be published shorty*


Application for the next program opens May 2024!

If you would like to be notified when application opens, please share your information below.



Coco Jones.jpg

“After a two year plant spirit mentorship

program, I enrolled into the ‘Oracles of Sophia’ with Megan Waddy. Humility, Reverence, and Commitment are thevalues that come from my heart about this work. Sitting, witnessing and deep listening in sisterhood, as we explore and awaken the ancestral gifts that have been slumbering in our blood and bones for too long, maybe even lifetimes. This is about getting out of our own ways and bringing down the magnificence of our higher selves in every waking moment.


It’s a journey through the 13 goddesses and moons with so much diligence, time and work. Megan is the epitome of who should be sharing this sacred knowledge, and enlivening it to the world at this time - and is so generous with her mastery. I can’t express the dire need of this, or my unending gratitude at being able to participate. It has changed the trajectory of my spirit and the work I will do while I’m here. If everyone intentionally walked the path of their divine sovereign blueprint - with devotion, how extraordinary could that be?



A thousand blessings,

& Zhawenamiishinam,

Coco Jones

Bronwyn Summers.HEIC

“It is a journey like no other. If you feel the call to deeply connect with your feminine wounds, sovereignty and true self essence then you have found the place of expansion. Megan has a way of holding your hand as you and your sisters (for that is what the other women of this hive will become) walk to new edges you didn't even know were there, to new parts of yourself, forgotten until found. She is an alchemist of spaces so that you may journey into the deepest reaches of your own power, gifts and energy centers. You will dance with the bees, sing with the wind and step into the cave of your own womb. If none of this makes sense now, know that the knowledge is within you and Megan will be your impeccable guide to it. This apprenticeship is held within a deeply feminine way, the lessons are brought by the Oracles and Goddesses themselves and will change to support each individual in the room. I truly encourage all women of every stage to embark on this path back to the true essence of yourself and to learn in the way our ancestors did.

Bronwen Summers


“There are times in one’s life when everything is mysteriously lined up for a pivotal change, altering the trajectory of one’s focus and experience. I have been long inviting and waiting for the right catalyst to

trigger this shift in my Being, often times with great impatience, attempting many diverse paths of exploration. I intuitively knew it was coming. The beginning of my journey of healing with Megan Waddy and taking her course, The Oracles of Sophia, has irrevocably tumbled me down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ to awaken me to a magical world of transformation and empowerment. The path of discovery of my True Essence, as a Divine Being in a magnificent Universe, has led me through healings on multiple levels of body, mind and spirit, through beautiful energetic openings and into deep Sisterhood, in a safe and profound container. There is a magnification of experience, when Sisters come together, in learning and exploration under the masterful guidance of one as talented and experienced as Megan. Her course is Divinely guided and full of joy, humour, song, love and healing. I highly recommend it for those on the path of self discovery and service to humanity and the earth.

With immense gratitude,

Forever a student of Life, 


Deb Lomas.HEIC

"I’ve been a student of Megan’s for 4 years. Two years in Plant Spirit Apprenticeship, and 2 years studying within the Goddess Path. I have always been a seeker in search of a better way of living within the boundaries and constraints of a catholic upbringing. I was taught, then, that Spirit was outside of myself, and that I needed an intermediary to connect with the God essence. Through Meg’s teachings I have come to understand that the God essence is within me and I can access Her at any time. A blessing in it’s truest form. I have sat in the shade of a ancient tree and been showered by sparks of light with the touch of a cedar bough. I have learned how to use the ancient Celtic and Norse teachings to further my connection with Spirit. I have stepped outside myself and spoken in the voice of Mugwort, Isis, Hathor and Mother Mary. All of this found within the safe circles that Meg created for me and for others. Meg is a knowledge keeper, and a wondrous fine teacher. I look forward to learning that which she is willing to share, and I am grateful.

With unending gratitude"

Deborah Lomas

Brittany Boyer.jpg

“It can be difficult to actually develop and expand into our full souls potential if we are caught in the grips of false light new age fluff. Megan is a breath of fresh air compared to much of this "fluff" I've found myself tangled up with in the past. It is crystal clear that she has not only dedicated herself to this work, but she embodies it too. There isnothing superficial or shallow about Megan or this apprenticeship. No fluff. No BS. One of the reasons I trust her so deeply is precisely because she has proven to me that she has the capacity, skills, and training to adequately hold space for anything that arises. She has been through the initiatory rites and faced her shadows. What I appreciate so much about this apprenticeship is that the container, the practices, all feel grounded in

integrity and safety. Many of us women carry wounding when it comes to relationships with other women, which might make it feel a little scary to connect to our sacred femininity with a circle of women. I am pleased to share that I personally have found so much healing within this container of sisterhood; a sisterhood rooted in respect, compassion, and love. This path is less about acquiring a "title" to call yourself, and more about taking an honest look at yourself, dropping into intimate self-knowing, connecting to the divine in a clear coherent way, and being held in loving sisterhood.

This path will call you in to do your own inner self-work. It will invite you into your own shadows...and it will hold a mirror for you to see your own medicine.

While I cannot promise or guarantee any particular result from walking this path, I am confident that anyone who does so will not be the same on the other side. Beautiful, magical, transformative, and totally vulnerable... in the best way!! 

Brittany Boyer


“The Oracles of Sophia apprenticeship is a transformative journey involving expansion, growth, and so much magic. This container has held me in deep connection with other women, and provided a safe space to get out of my comfort zone and nurture new skill sets, while supporting other women to do the same. Delving into the realms of goddesses, ancestral women’s wisdom, and plant medicine, I cultivated a profound connection to the divine feminine. The rituals, songs and teachings have helped me tap into my creative side while also connecting me to a deep sense of inner-knowing. This has provided healing, as well as guided me toward a greater spiritual awareness. This program encouraged and expanded my knowledge and consciousness, while also fostering personal growth, making it an invaluable experience on my path of self-discovery.

Kaitlin Christie

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