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Embark on a plant medicine journey this growing season alongside Medical Herbalist Kendra Heinemann and delve into the art of cultivating medicinal herbs. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture a thriving herbal garden and craft your own herbal remedies! 

"Making medicine begins with relationship! Relationship to the Earth, the soils, the plants, the waters, the elements, the ancestors and thyself. The ritual and connection that goes into medicine making is truly beautiful – the times of listening to the plants, tending to them working the soil, saving the seeds, dreaming with the Earth, communing with them, infusing them with love, prayer and gratitude."

The Apprenticeship

Learn how to grow 10 herbal medicines from seed, from caretaking the soil, tending to harvest, and medicine making. When we drop into this work, we are not only learning about the plants but are also dropping into ritual, ancestral remembrance, and connection with the Earth, elements, and ourselves.


Dive into how to work with each of these plant medicines with full monographs on each plant, including herbal actions, chemical constituents, clinical uses, the optimal time to harvest, most potent ways of extraction/medicine making, dosage, and formulations!


Program Highlights

In an intimate group container, you will receive comprehensive instruction covering plant monographs, harvesting techniques, drying methods, and the creation of herbal preparations such as infusions, decoctions, salves, tinctures, syrups and herbal oils...

  • Immerse yourself in hands-on learning experiences at the Ancient Origins Apothecary and herbal farm for practical garden work.

  • The medicinal herbs cultivated will serve the community, offering a sustainable source for teas, tinctures, oils, and more.

  • Reserve your spot for harvesting sessions in July, August, and September (specific dates TBD) and actively participate in the cultivation process.

Meet Your Instructors...
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Kendra Heinneman

Kendra is a Medical Herbalist practicing on Vancouver Island with the Ancient Origins Medicinals Team and is also the Manager of the Apothecary. She has a passion for growing, harvesting, and drying herbs to be used for medicines. It is one of her greatest joys to creating a relationship with the land, watch the plants grow, witness the pollinators enjoy the sweet nectar that the plants have to offer, and harvest the incredible medicines. She is thrilled to share all that deepens connection to the present and the medicines that are offered through AOM to support the community.


Megan Waddy

Megan is a Medical Herbalist and co-founder of Ancient Origins Medicinals. Megan is a Medical Herbalist, intuitive healer and educator with a passion for plant medicine, ceremony, dream work and the stars. She has a strong connection with the astrophysical realm, channeling both Earth and Celestial energy into her practice.  She combines her medical, botanical and spiritual knowledge with heart and womb centered intuition and Earth-based healing practices.  

Program Schedule

March 23: Introduction to Herbal Medicine,

Seed selection and cultivation insights,

Tips for nurturing your herb garden,

Guided tour of the Apothecary garden

April 13: Monograph on Calendula and Holy Basil,
Hands-on seed planting in the greenhouse,

Techniques for maintaining soil health,

Weed management strategies.

May 18: Monograph on Thyme and Catnip,

Pruning techniques for optimal growth,

Weed management strategies,


June 15: Monograph on Lemon Balm and Yarrow,

Practical weed management techniques

July 13: Monograph on Lady’s Mantle and Red Clover, Hands-on harvesting and drying

processes, Weed management strategies

August 3: Immersive sessions on Medicine Making, Monograph on St. John's Wort and Sambucus

August 24: Hands-on harvesting and drying sessions


September 7: Participants choice monograph discussion, Introduction to mushroom monographs, Crafting Elderberry syrup and other herbal medicines.

2-3 hours of each day will be engaged in learning materials (location TBD) & then we will journey to Cedar to connect and be hands-on with the garden.

*Course Material subject to change

Bonus Material

Exclusive Ancient Origins Events: As an Apprentice with Kendra & Megan, you’ll gain access to unique experiences, including wildcrafting, harvesting, ceremonies, and rituals.

Highlight Event: Join Megan for a transformative day immersed in the spirit of Geeth'n'Gow (Devil's Club). The day will begin with land offerings, plant spirit communication, ceremony and medicine songs with Geeth'n'Gow. Apprentices will then be invited to witness the sacred harvesting ritual, process the plant material and make medicine all while diving deep into teachings of beautiful plant medicine. Teachings will cover the spiritual properties and initiatory rites that this medicine offers, as well as a full herbal monograph!


Megan has been initiated to work with this plant spirit (over a 4 year plant diet) guided by Haidia Medicine Man Nungkaathgaa (Douglas Wilson) and given permission from Quw'utsun First Nation to harvest and teach on Quw'utsun territory.

The Exchange

Exchange: $800

Scholarship Program: 50% of the course rate offered to those who are eager to engage in work-

trade hours / hands-on gardening alongside the instructional sessions, fostering a deeper

connection to the cultivation process.

Apply Now! We Begin March 23rd!

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