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New Client Waitlist

Megan Waddy is not currently accepting new clients for Energy Healing, Herbal Medicine & Spiritual Mentoring.

Megan IS accepting new clients for microdosing consultations. For microdosing, please book in through the booking page.

To add yourself to Megan's waitlist, please fill out the form below and we will notify you on a first-come, first-serve basis when New Client booking reopens in July 2023.  If you are interested in the Ceremony or Spiritual Mentoring Packages, please visit their individuals pages (located under services) and fill out an application form.

If you are interested in receiving energy healing and herbal medicine from our other amazing practitioners, please book online.

Marnie Roper is accepting new clients for integrative counselling, energy healing and psychospiritual therapy.

Thank-you! We look forward to connecting with you.

The information provided in this document is entirely confidential, used for internal office purposes only. We will never distribute any of your personal and private details.

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