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Spiritual Mentorship

This three or six-month mentorship is a living pathway that is meant to support you in your life’s work and the further development of your own personal practice. Our sessions will begin by reviewing the self-work that you have done to date and discover your intentions for our journey together. Thereafter, we will move into an assessment of your energy bodies, clearing and/or healing any energies that are not in alignment with your greatest potential. Moving forward, each session is tailored to the client’s needs and experience:

– Plant-spirit communication and guidance on working with plant allies.
– Connecting with spirit guides, allies and well ancestors.
– Enhancing intuitive abilities and your clairs. 
– Guided meditation/ journeying. 
– Oracular mediumship / divination. 

-Dream work.

-Womb mystery school teachings.
– Connecting with compassionate Star Beings and guidance around receiving and integrating the gifts and templates they offer. 

-Deposession, curse unwinding and ancestral healing.
– Connecting with your true self essence, unique gifts, and soul purpose.

-Mentoring practitioners to deepen their skills in energy healing modalities, ceremony facilitation, and client cases.   

To ensure you’re getting the most out of this experience, there will be a body of work for you to complete between sessions. You will be asked to send a short, written summary of your work and your findings prior to each session in order to help guide our conversations. Depending on the needs of each client, Megan may engage in energy healing work, personal seership work, and oracular work during the session. All sessions are guided by spirit and based on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the client. The intention of this work is to provide support, nourishment, and depth to your journey and ultimately guide you towards greater self-knowing.

Mentorship Exchange


3 months - $1300

6 month - $2400

**Available by application only**

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