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Non-judgment and Acceptance from a Transpersonal Lens.

If you want to learn from the experts in non-judgment, immerse yourself in nature.

“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it”.

–Michael Singer

One of my earliest mentors on the transpersonal path encouraged me to “rest into non-judgement.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Of course, this is easier said than done. On any given day, one is continually assessing the surrounding environment; judging life’s happenings as good, bad, right, wrong. The mind decides “I like this,” “I don’t like that” or “I want this” but “I don’t want that.” Judgments are all around, but what would it be like to drop these for a moment? What arises is an invitation to simply be, and lean into total radical acceptance of what is.

In my practice as a clinical counsellor, I witness a lot of struggling around the concept of

acceptance. For many of us, we hear acceptance and think it equates to approval. Leaning into

acceptance actually has nothing to do with approval at all. Acceptance is about letting go of

resistance to what is. In order to lean into acceptance, we must first surrender. This is not an easy

thing to do because the mind wants control. Acceptance is like saying, “I am not particularly

fond of the hand I’ve been dealt, but I accept that the hand I have is my reality and instead of

wishing it were different, I will commit to learning how to work with the hand I’ve got.”

If non-judgment was a hot fudge sundae, the cherry on top would be acceptance. When

we consciously choose to disengage from the judgments of the mind, we are met with another

choice – resist, or surrender into total acceptance of what is. Resistance is judgment in disguise.

Acceptance, true acceptance of what is, is actually just surrendering to existence. Truly

embodying non-judgement of the present moment offers an unquestioned felt sense of love and

peace. From this place, we experience connection to all that is. What is really present in these

moments is what I like to refer to as the true nature, or essence of our being; our life force.

Witnessing and letting go of judgments, and embracing acceptance in each moment, is

experienced as pure beauty for me, as it is a continual invitation to surrender into our truest self-


I would like to gently encourage you, the reader, to not get caught in the common trap of

judging yourself for judging! The key is not necessarily to rid your mind of all judgments, but

rather to become an attuned witness to your mind and simply notice how much you get yourself

stuck in the mud by clinging to your judgments or resisting what is.

On a daily basis, I aim to practice witnessing the thoughts and judgements that come up in my mind. I practice the notion of touch and let go; I make it my intention to allow the judgements of the mind to fall away without becoming the thought. If you want to learn from the experts in non-judgment, go immerse yourself in nature. Be present with the trees and with yourself, and notice how nature continually expresses itself in each moment, exactly as it is, without hesitation. See if you can allow, even for a brief moment, the chatter of the mind to fall away, and notice what happens in your body when you do this. When we are able to witness our

experience with curiosity, it affords us an opportunity to develop and grow in spirit in a way that

feels meaningful and true.

When done with intention, and with the support of a compassionate witness, various plant

medicines can be supportive aids for those interested in this type of work because they can help

shift the mind out of ingrained ways of being. These medicines can also be supportive for those

seeking to work with the wisdom of the body. This offers great practice for being present with

one’s inner felt sense and emotional experience, while also practicing being a witness to any

thoughts. When we’re ready, the highly intelligent plant spirit realm will be there waiting for us,

eager to lean in as allies on our journey back to embracing true self.

This piece was written on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. I am grateful
to be on these lands, and deeply appreciative of the ongoing felt sense of wisdom from the
ancestors and spirits of these lands.

*Certain plant medicines are not recommended for everyone. Please seek consultation when

considering working with these medicines.

About the Author: My name is Ryan, and I carry Norse, Celtic, Slavic, and Cherokee ancestry. I work in private practice at Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling, and much of my approach to this work has been inspired by transpersonal and non-dual psychology. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Ancient Origins Medicinals and provide this written contribution.

Ryan is accepting new clients through Ancient Origins Medicinals for microdosing consultations and microdosing packages.

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