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A Journey Within

A 6-week transformational journey to deepen one’s connection to True Self

Embark on a transformative 6-week journey with Ryan and Megan to deepen your connection to the True Self. This program guides participants through the art of microdosing and medicine ceremony within a sacred container.


Designed to provide a structured and supportive environment, the journey includes a personalized 1:1 initial intake session, group preparation sessions, a full day group medicine ceremony, and integration circles. This program aims to cultivate a mindful and intentional approach enhanced self-awareness, mental well-being, and resilience, relational connection with self, other and spirit.


March 9th, 10am-1pm

March 16th, 10am-1pm

March 23rd, 10am-1pm

March 30th, All Day Ceremony 

April 6th, 10am-1pm

April 13th, 10am-1pm

Duncan, BC

Address will be given upon registration

(This is an in-person offering)
A strong level of commitment is essential for gaining foundational experiential knowledge and co-creating a safe group container. For these reasons, we require consistent attendance throughout the 6-week program.
Limited to 10 participants

About the Journey...

This transformative program is designed to guide you through the profound realms of personal and relational exploration using sacred mushroom medicine. Our journey unfolds within the safety and power of a ceremonial container, utilizing ritual, journey work, sound healing, breath and somatic therapy, offering a holistic approach to deepening connections with yourself,

others, and life itself. Our guiding principles are held within a field of compassion and curiosity.

Here, all parts of self are invited to be seen, heard, and witnessed with acceptance. Following each circle, you will receive a body of work designed to further connect with and practice the insights gained to integrate group experiences into your daily life, inviting the wisdom gained from the journey to be integrated and embodied.

About the Container...

Initial Intake: Begin your journey with a personalized initial intake session to set intentions, discuss expectations, and lay the foundation for a supportive and sacred space.

Group Preparation Circles: Engage in three (3) preparatory sessions to help you become aware of parts of self, patterns and conditions that no longer serve and are inhibiting you from stepping into your full potential.

Group Medicine Ceremony: Immerse yourself in the healing power of a group medicine ceremony, guided by experienced facilitators, where the sacred mushroom medicine becomes a catalyst for personal and collective transformation.

Group Integration Circles: Conclude your journey with two (2) integration circles, providing a space to share experiences, explore insights gained during the ceremony, and strengthen connections within the supportive community.

Objectives of the Journey..

Tree Texture
  • Utilize microdosing experiences to deepen your connection to the present and cultivate a state of mindful awareness.

  • Enhance self-awareness, and emotional intelligence

  • Improve mental well-being and resilience

  • Bring healing to areas of disconnection in your life

  • Strengthen relational connections

  • Connect with your true self essence

  • Embark on a deep dive into your personal and relational landscape, navigating the realms of healing, self-discovery, and connection.

Outlining the Journey...

Initial 1:1 Intake Session (60/90-minutes):

  • Review of medical, emotional & physical history. 

  • Your intentions and goals for the program.

  • The mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of microdosing.

  • Timing, dosage, and practices to help you get the most out of your microdosing experience.

  • Self-Reflection Practices: Journaling, meditation, and other tools to enhance self-awareness.

  • Any contraindications and precautions for your journey, and whether microdosing and ceremony is right for you.


Group Prep Circle One (3 hours):

  • Opening and weaving our group container.

  • Group guidelines & intentions.

  • Introduction to Microdosing.

  • Connection to breath and body awareness.

  • Guided sound journey to meet the Spirit of the Mushroom.

Group Prep Circle Two (3 hours):

  • Reflections, highlights and questions from the take home practices.

  • Breath, and self-awareness practices.

  • Mindfulness and Intention Setting: Techniques for setting intentions and fostering a

  • mindful mindset

  • Dosage: determining optimal dosages, and creating a personalized plan.

  • Guided meditation and sound journey.

Group Prep Circle Three (3 hours):

  • Reflections, highlights and questions from the take home practices.

  • Breath, and self-awareness practices.

  • Ceremony preparation: tools and guidance

  • Pillars of strength

  • Guided meditation and sound journey

Group Medicine Ceremony (Full Day):

Guided medicine ceremony with experienced facilitators, held in the safety of the sacred container.

Group Integration Circle (3 hours):

  • Opportunity to share experiences and insights from the medicine ceremony

  • Be witnessed in a group container to support the meaning-making process

  • Gain tools and resources post-ceremony to support integration into day-to-day life

  • Group sharing to facilitate shared meaning and connection

  • Set intentions for ongoing personal development.

  • Breath and body awareness

  • Guided meditation and sound healing journey

Financial Exchange...

$1500 (plus tax)

This all-inclusive cost includes:

  • 1x 1:1 initial intake

  • 3x 3hour group preperation sessions

  • 2x 3hour integration sessions

  • 1x full day ceremony (including shared light meal)

  • 1x microdosing package to take home

  • Course packets after each circle

Your Guides Along the Journey...


Megan Waddy

Megan is a medical herbalist and multidimensional healer who has devoted the past 20 years of her life to studying the healing arts. Megan has a deep connection to the Mushroom Spirit, and has undergone over a decade of intensive training initiations to carry and share this medicine.

Over the past 13 years, she has facilitated over one-thousand medicine ceremonies, and is concurrently serving as a mentor to practitioners in the sacred shamanic art of ceremony facilitation.


Megan is deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their journey to healing and wholeness.

Ryan Boyer

Ryan has been working in the field of mental health and addictions for the last decade in various roles. In early 2023, Ryan listened to the call from spirit, and decided to leave the health care system to embark on an exciting journey of self-employment, where he and his partner created

Sacred Owl Integrative Counselling.


Ryan is passionate about bridging psychology and spirit. While pursuing post-secondary education and training, he found himself deeply resonating with non-dual and transpersonal psychology, which continues to strongly influence his counselling approach.

Ryan has developed significant respect and admiration for the wisdom and intelligence of the Mushroom Spirit. Further, he has felt the call of Raven medicine and the magic that it carries. Needless to say, a key part of Ryan’s personal healing has been remembering his connection to

the natural world, a connection which has been greatly supported by the deep wisdom of his colleague, mentor, and friend, Megan Waddy.


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