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Support the Creation of a Healing Sanctuary

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

100% of proceeds from our Online Shop will go towards creating a sanctuary to support deep healing and the establishment of new Earth systems.

The intention of this healing sanctuary is to hold deep respect for all forms of life and honor the divinity within each of us. It is a place where we celebrate, respect and deeply honor our beautiful Mother Earth as a living, breathing divine entity. Our sanctuary will be dedicated to personal and planetary healing and transformation, inviting individuals to connect with Spirit, the land, and their true self essence.

As stewards of the land, we are dedicated to co-create a sacred space that nurtures healing and growth. Our mission is to facilitate and support the process of healing and awakening, guiding individuals to become fully conscious and aware human beings. We dream to offer a sanctuary where people can deepen their relationship with spirit and return to wholeness, reclaiming their true self, sovereignty, magic, and mystery. Our sanctuary fosters connections with community, land, plants, animals, Earth, and the cosmos.

At our Healing Sanctuary, we are deeply committed to supporting individuals to: Remember their connection with the Earth and the Divine Find balance and wholeness of being Connect with their true self essence Become guardians and stewards of the Earth Engage in ancestral tending and healing

Surrounded by nature, our sanctuary is nestled amidst plant medicine gardens and the gentle hum of bees. We provide spaces for individual healing sessions, group ceremonies, and retreats. It is a place where community members can come together to heal, pray, be witnessed, and held in containers of acceptance.

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